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Does your home feel stuffy and uncomfortable? Do you dread the thought of another hot summer without a ceiling fan? If so, Safelec Electrical Services is the answer to your problems!

We are your trusted ceiling fan installers who can help you choose and install the perfect ceiling fan for all your residential and commercial electrical needs.

Residential Ceiling Fan Installation in Mornington, Peninsula

Ceiling Fan Fitting

Whether it’s for cooling in the summer or better air circulation throughout the year, we ensure safe residential fan fitting in Mornington, Peninsula.

Ceiling Fan Fitting

Got outdated or malfunctioning ceiling fans?
No worries! We will replace and upgrade them with the latest, energy-efficient models.

Remote Control Integration

Fan of modern styles? We integrate remote control systems for your ceiling fans, allowing you to adjust fan speed and lighting with ease.

Custom Solutions

From fan styles and designs to placement within your home, we offer bespoke solutions for your needs.

Commercial Ceiling Fan Installation

Energy-Efficient Solutions

We recommend and install energy-efficient ceiling fans to help reduce operational costs in your business.

Commercial Ceiling Fan Solutions

Enhance the comfort and efficiency of your offices, warehouses, restaurants, and more with our expert fan installation in Mornington.

Large-Scale Installations

Whether you need a few fans or a large-scale installation, our experienced team can handle projects of all sizes.

Benefits of Installing a Ceiling Fan

Year-Round Comfort

Ceiling fans can be used year-round. In the winter, they can be set to push warm air down from the ceiling, making your home or business more comfortable without increasing your heating bill.

Efficient Cooling

Ceiling fans help you save energy and money on your utility bills by reducing your reliance on your air conditioner in the summer and your heating system in the winter.


Enhance the aesthetics of your home or commercial space with stylish ceiling fans that come in various designs and finishes. We can help you select fans that complement your decor.

Emergency Ceiling Fan Installation and Repair

Naturally, emergency electrical situations arise unexpectedly!
Our expert ceiling fan electricians in Mornington, Peninsula are ready on call, and quickly assess the situation, isolate the power, make the necessary repairs, test the ceiling fan, and restore power

  • Troubleshoot electrical problems,
  • Install or replace,
  • Repair damaged ceiling fans or wiring,
  • Install or repair ceiling fan light fixtures,
  • Balance ceiling fans, and
  • Clean and lubricate ceiling fans.

How Are We The Best Fan Installers Mornington Peninsula?

Comprehensive Services

From ceiling fan installation, maintenance, repair, to inspection of electrical systems, whether you need a single ceiling fan installed in your home or multiple fans in your commercial space, we have you covered!

Certified and Licensed Electricians

Our licensed, certified and experienced electricians undergo rigorous training to handle any residential or commercial electrical project, no matter the size or complexity. Our team has the knowledge of the latest equipment and the right skills.

Quality Workmanship

High quality work is our top priority. We take pride in our work and use only the highest quality materials and components in every project. Our attention to detail ensures that your ceiling fan is installed and maintained to the highest standards.

Transparent Pricing

We offer honest and fair pricing for our services. Before starting any project, we offer a detailed, itemized quote, so you understand the costs involved and can make an informed decision.

Safety First

Our team adheres to strict safety guidelines, ensuring that all work is carried out with the utmost care and precision. We prioritize the safety of your home and business.


We respect your time and understand that you have a busy schedule. Our electricians are always punctual, ensuring that the installation is completed as efficiently as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of installation depends on a lot of factors;

  • The number of fans
  • The complexity of the project
  • The type of fan
  • Residential or commercial installation

On average, a single fan installation can be completed in 1-3 hours.

Absolutely! We offer a wide range of fan styles and designs. Our experts will help you select the one that matches your home or business decor.

Yes, we recommend routine cleaning and occasional oiling of fan bearings for optimal performance. We also provide maintenance services to keep your fans in top condition.

We’re ready when you are!

Residential Ceiling Fan Installation in Mornington, Peninsula

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Ceiling Fan Fitting

Whether it's for cooling in the summer or better air circulation throughout the year, we ensure safe residential fan fitting in Mornington, Peninsula.