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Professional Commercial EV Charging Installation in Mornington Peninsul Powering up your way with our tailored
EV charging solutions for you!

People are becoming more aware of their choices to create a sustainable and eco-friendly future. Henceforth, Electric vehicles have gained popularity in recent years. Furthermore, with a wide range and improved performance options on the market, we can expect to see the EV market grow. In addition to their popularity, charging infrastructure is crucial. Thus, easy, accessible, safe, and advanced charging stations are essential for EVs. 

Gladly, Safelec Electrical is here to help with any kind of installation repair and maintenance of charging infrastructure for businesses in Mornington Peninsula. More than 16 years in the electrical industry, we are your reliable partner for a cleaner and sustainable future. Whatever your company, property, or organization needs, we will ensure you have the top-notch sustainable energy solutions in Mornington Peninsula.

Installing Commercial EV Charging Stations in Mornington Peninsula with professionals

EV charging stations are easy to use, simply plug in and out. Once you plug in the unit we install in front of the Mornington Peninsula EV charging stations, your vehicle will begin to charge. The generated electricity will be channelled to your EV engine, which will store it. Since electric vehicle charging stations use much higher voltages of electricity, they can charge EV batteries much faster.  


Are you considering charging infrastructure for businesses in the Mornington Peninsula? Invest in licensed professionals who can help businesses transition to electric mobility safely and efficiently. Lets see some benefits of hiring professionals:

  • Experience and expertise in EV charging infrastructure.
  • Reduced risk of accidents by handling electricals safely.
  • Compliance expert for smooth processes.
  • Expert site inspections to ensure suitability.
  • Business-friendly charging equipment selection.
  • Designed the installations to provide a better user experience.
  • Uptime can be ensured through regular maintenance services.
  • Long-term cost-effective and time-saving.

Our Services

We’ll offer you a service to meet your domestic electrical requirements. Since we continually strive to improve service delivery at affordable prices, our professionalism is unmatched.

From the bottom up, we’ve developed into a sizable, well-respected team of licensed electricians committed to offering each client exceptional service and top-notch quality.

In addition to being a top electrical contractor, we always employ the most recent technology in the electrical solutions we provide for your home’s requirements.

Safelec Electrical can assist you with the following:
  • Any light and power installations
  • Underground wiring systems
  • Consumer’s mains upgrades
  • All underground works from street to meter
  • Builder’s pole installations
  • Temporary power installations
  • Security system installations
  • Light switches and power point facelifts/new look
  • Outdoor electrical, including – lighting, power points and pool electrical needs
  • Garden lighting
  • Upgrading all wiring / re-wires
  • All data communications including – television, NBN, phone, smart devices, data connections, WIFI, networking

Why Choose Us?

At Safelec Electrical, we understand that your home is your sanctuary, a place where you and your family should feel secure and comfortable. With this in mind, our team of expert electricians is dedicated to providing top-notch residential electrical services that ensure your home remains a safe and efficient haven.

Journey behind Commercial EV Charging Installation Mornington Peninsula

Here’s why you should choose Safelec Electrical for your residential electrical needs:

Step 1: Site Assessment

First of all our team will analyse the site thoroughly to ensure certain factors like user accessibility, desired location, and requirement of electrical power.

Step 2: Custom Design

As per our assessment, we will design an efficient and cost-effective charging solution customised as per your needs.

Step 3: Installation and Grid Connection

Our professional technicians will handle the whole installation of the station setup. Also, we will check the grid connection to the property for the electrical demand.

Step 4: Regulatory Compliance

Our licensed professionals will take care of the permits and approvals. Your charging station will comply with all rules and regulations.

Step 5: Training and User Support

We believe in providing our clients with honest and fair pricing for our services. Before starting any project, we offer a detailed, itemized quote so you can understand the costs involved and make an informed decision.

Step 7: Maintenance and Repairs

To ensure the charging station's smooth operation, our team will provide regular maintenance and repairs.

Get started with Commercial EV Charging Installation in Mornington Peninsula

Be responsible and join the electric vehicle revolution. We will help you in this green movement by making your business EV-ready. Our sustainable energy solutions in Mornington Peninsula are as per Australian standards and regulations. Our team is well-equipped with the latest technology, methods and equipment in EV charging.

Are you looking for Commercial EV Charging Installation for your business to ease people’s lives? Contact us today for a quote as per your needs. With each other, we can shape a sustainable future.

Frequently Asked Questions

For EV chargers, installation can be based on two power options, AC (alternating Current) or DC (Direct Current). Depending on the power selection, there are three types – Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Generally, Level 1 and Level 2 chargers use AC power while Level 3 uses DC power for fast charging.

These green energy electric car charging stations in Mornington Peninsula help electric vehicles to recharge their batteries. By installing them, you can attract more tenants, employees, and customers to your property, increasing its value and resilience.

Our team is always there to handle any technical issue. We can also set up power backup solutions and surveillance systems to reduce downtime based on your needs and budget.

We’re ready when you are!