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Safety Switch Installation

Have you ever thought how many people lose their lives in electrical accidents? Sounds dangerous, right? Electricity is a powerful tool, never play with it. However, the placement of safety switches in your building can save many lives. When you need it most, a properly installed and inspected electrical safety switch can save your life in Mornington Peninsula.

A safety switch will cut the power to the main power circuit as soon as it detects a power leakage caused by faulty switches, electrical cables, or any appliances to the ground. Therefore, they prevent electrical shocks, accidents, overheating, and fire. Nowadays, modern switchboards are equipped with an integral safety switch to ensure your safety. If not, you can always call Safelec Electrical for Home electrical protection in Mornington.

Safety Switch Installation Mornington Peninsula | Safelec Electrical Services

Why do you need a Safety Switch Installation for your house at Mornington Peninsula?

A safety switch protects the live wires in a switchboard by preventing them from being exposed. As per Australian law, every switchboard must have two safety switches for all the homes since 1990. It plays a major role in saving human life from electrical accidents. You use a circuit breaker to prevent the expensive and useful appliances at your home. Similarly, the safety switch will protect you or anybody residing in the building.

 Installation of a safety switch (also known as a residual current device or RCD) is a crucial step in protecting a building’s electrical safety. Let’s look at the features of the safety switches:

  • Highly reduce the electric shock risks.
  • Fast response time of a few milliseconds.
  • Prevent electric fire.
  • Easy to identify the faults.
  • Prevent damage to delicate electrical appliances.
  • No nuisance of frequent tripping.
  • Safe home has more resale value.

Process behind Safety Switch Installation at Mornington Peninsula

Step 1: Check the Building's Protection

Firstly, we will analyse the safety of your building by thoroughly examining the electrical system and wiring. This will help us to find what is best for you, like a new installation or upgrade.

Step 2: Deciding the Cost and Options

Later, we will discuss our plan with you. Once there is an agreement for the quote. we will start our work immediately.

Step 3: Setup and Test

After the electrical work is finished, we test the safety switches by pushing the test button. As soon as the 'T' button is pushed, the switch should turn off and turn off the circuits.

Step 4: Inspect Yourself

After this, we will ask you to go inside the building and check that the devices and lights are turned off. Switching off means the switch is working correctly. Later we will restore the power to the building.

Step 5: Test on Your Own

Furthermore, our team will teach you to test the safety switch yourself. And, if the power circuit is not cut off even after pushing the test button, then call us immediately. However, if everything works fine then turn on the safety switch.

Reliable Safety Switch Installation Services in Mornington Peninsula

Are you looking for an electrician to inspect the electrical safety of your home? Do you get annoyed by frequent switch-tripping? Safelec Electrical is a one-stop solution for all these issues. Don’t worry, just call or message us. We are a team of highly qualified and reliable emergency electricians of Mornington Peninsula. Furthermore, we aim to not only meet but always exceed your expectations.

 At Safelec Electrical, we provide safe and efficient electrical services such as switchboard installation, safety switch upgrades, and electrical maintenance. Owing to 16 years of work experience in Mornington Peninsula, we use advanced technologies and the latest trends. Our certified and experienced electricians are passionate and punctual about their work. Keeping safety as our top priority, we will make your home totally safe.

We’re ready when you are!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, a circuit breaker is meant to protect the devices and appliances in the house while a safety switch’s main purpose is to save lives. Also, the circuit breaker doesn’t have a test button.

As per Australian standards, a safety switch is designed for a lifetime of 4,000 tests. However, if there is no serious issue these switches can last for a longer time.

The safety switch should be installed properly and tested regularly to ensure the best results. The device needs to be tested once every three months.